"Define your Business in a Whole New Way"

Introducing Mandalay Financial Center

Mandalay’s 1st G-A Office tower providing dual experience with the combination of business and commercial amenities.

The newest 16-Storey High-Rise development located right in the heart of a prime business district is now ready to serve your business.

  • 200,000 sq-ft of modern flexible 16-storey floor space
  • 6 Levels of retail shops, F&B outlets and supermarket to support office tenants
  • Modern high specifications Grade-A office facilities
  • Prime located in the heart of Mandalay, overlooking the best Panoramic Scenes

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Mandalay Financial Center

  • Mandalay Financial Center – is an iconic addition to Mandalay’s financial hub. A perfect location empowering your business to grow further and go beyond.
  • 16-storey high office floor with the astonishing Panoramic View gives you the best image into your office space.
  • Modern High Specification Grade-A Office Building

Connect your Business from the Smart City

  • Expand and Grow your Business from Mandalay
  • Mandalay - the central business hub of Myanmar that location advantage gives diverse business opportunities to expand your connection with highly potential business partners form both local and neighbor countries.
  • Infrastructure is ready to utilize – a right time to launch your business.


Mandalay Financial Center is located one block away from The Royal Palace, two blocks from Mandalay Railway Station and less than 1km away from famous downtown Zay Cho Market. It has sizable land area of 37,000 sq-ft in such a prestige location of CBD in Mandalay.

The Royal Palace (0.35km) 1min drive
MDY Central Railway Station (1.2km) 3min drive
Zay Cho Market (0.85km) 3min drive
Jade Market (3.2km) 9min drive
Mandalay General Hospital (1.7km) 7min drive
Cultural Museum & Library (0.6km) 2min drive
Mandalay Regional Government Office (3.3 km) 7min drive
General Post Office (1km) 3min drive


Customized office space to suit your needs. We serve with Grade-A facilities and office tower amenities to support your business Image.

Development GFA 200,000 sq-ft
Office Floor GFA 89,000 sq-ft
Minimum sq-ft per floor 6,700 sq-ft
Maximum sq-ft per floor 8,500 sq-ft
Parking Space (B1, B2) Approximately 100 cars & 60 motorbike
Epoxy flooring

Customize the space to suite Your Needs

Office Floor - Level 6 to Level 16 Minimum 6700 sqft to Maximum 8,500 sqft

Services & Facilities

No. Category Standard
1. Total Floor Size Approx 8,600 sqft (each office floor
2. Development GFA - Sqm 22534 sqm
3. Management Professional property management team provided
4. Wash Room Male, Female & Pantry toilets on each floor
5. The Capital Center 6 Levels of Retails and F&B outlets
6. Parking Space (B1, B2) Available lots for 100 cars and 60 bikes
Epoxy flooring
7. Security Survelliance CCTV camera set in each elevator cart
24/7 CCTV Operation at Common Areas
8. Electrical Power 100% power supply assurance
Fully backup standby generator
Poer supply resumption within 20 second
9. Telecommunication Fiber cable provided
FTTH with maximum speed
Direct Internet Access (DIA)
10. Fire Protection System Automatic fire suppression system (sprinkler and fire extinguishing)
Fire Hosereel System, Wet Riser System, PA System
11. Passenger Lifts Office Lift - 2 nos. x 1000 Kg (15 persons)
Service Lift - 1 no. x 1350
KgFiremen's Lift - 1 no. x 1150kg (17 persons)
12. Clear storey Height 14 ft
13. VAC System Central AC VRC system
14. Panoramic Views City View
Royal Palace & Mandalay Hill View
Zay Cho Market & Ayeyarwaddy River View